Monday, June 19, 2017

A list of articles written for Music in Motion - Columbus (Updated 9/14/17)

 All of our work can be found at the Music in Motion - Columbus website.

 February 2017
Courtney From Work at Victory's Live - 2/24/17
My first official article for the website. I had been super busy through January as Rick began building the first incarnation of the website. A co-worker of mine had been talking up his band for weeks and I figured they would be a perfect opportunity for me to get my feet wet in the music scene again.

 March 2017
Album Review - Conversion Delay - Out Of Sight
A lot of the initial emails we received had EPs that bands wanted us to review. I was tasked with a rather difficult one that got a less than favorable rating from me. I will always stand by my words and my opinions on music, and you will always get an honest review from me.

 April 2017
Out Of Nothing Comes Serious Music for Ex-Nihilo - 4/9/17
I met the bassist from Ex-Nihilo when he brought me tickets to a show his band was opening, and in fact I didn't even end up attending that show. This was my first opportunity to see them, and they did not disappoint. All 3 of the acts that evening were fantastic.

Jocef Michael Won't Take No For An Answer
My first true interview for the site came from the opening act at the Ex-Nihilo show I had just attended. Jocef brought a ton of fans to a mid-evening Sunday night show and I was impressed by his stage presence. As it turns out, he's a pretty cool guy as well.

Go Go Buffalo Stampede Through Spacebar 4/21/17
This one honestly caught me by surprise. I didn't really know anything about GGB before hand, and honestly I almost missed out on the chance to hit this one. I'm glad I didn't. It was a wacky blast.

 May 2017
7 Questions With Death Trance Duo Zero Signal
I was finally at a place in May where I felt like I really needed to step up my contributions to the page. I decided to dig through my old contacts and found the guys from Zero Signal, who I knew from my days doing Jester Promotions. They've got a pretty cool new concept going and I'm excited to follow up with them going forward.

A Tribute to Chaos - The Story of Fleischgewehr
When I heard there was a Rammstein tribute group in Columbus, I knew I had to be there. I can't wait to see them live.

Rocket From The Tombs - Anything But Sonically Reduced at Ace of Cups 5/13/17
This one fell into my lap when my editor hurt his back during the week of the show. I felt bad because RFTT was one of his favorite groups from the past and he had done a fantastic interview with their lead singer as well. It turned out to be a really great article and highlighted some of our photographers best work.

The Cat Club Podcast - Essential Memorial Day Weekend Playlist
Rick and I sat down and did a podcast episode highlighting a baker's dozen of songs including some deeper cuts you might not normally hear on the bigger stations and lists.

Musical Maturation With Morning Theft at Spacebar - 5/27/17
One of the worst weeks of my life ended on a spectacularly high note with this show. Even though we didn't end up getting into the club until well after it was supposed to open, we had a true bonding moment with the peeps from Morning Theft. It really was a lifesaver for me.

The Fresh Live Flow of the Jocef Michael Band at Skully's - 5/30/17
I had been waiting to see a true show from the JMB after catching part of their set in April. As it turns out, Jocef and Co had a surprise in store for everyone.

 June 2017
The Rowdy Rat Motel at Spacebar - 6/2/17
It was another bizarre evening at Spacebar as we were treated to a group of loud 16 year olds and their x-branded fans. It ended up being pretty wild.

Friday Spotlight - The Beauty of Truslow
I got to sit down at WOB with James Truslow, who leads the local pop group Truslow. I had no idea the direction that this interview would go, and I ended up being brought to tears at least once while talking to him about his music.

Artistic Gravity Abounds with So Long, Stargazer at King Avenue 5 - 6/16/17
I finally got the chance to see Chase McCants (My Beloved Tragedy) in his new band So Long, Stargazer. I was not disappointed.

The Night The Jester Joined The Cult Of Cats 
Rick had tasked me with finding a show to cover on Saturday while he was out of town, and because of Pride weekend, the pickings were slim. I ended up finding Dayton's Curse of Cassandra at my old home bar in Reynoldsburg, and I was treated to a fantastic evening of excellence.

Midweek Spotlight - Musical Connections With Nicholas Rowe 
I got to sit down with a guy who got word of us from an unlikely source; my mom. It was an intriguing interview but I got a lot of good talking points out.

 July 2017
FleischgewehR Blitzkreig at King Avenue 5 - 7/1/17
What an amazing night. I knew the guys from F+ would be a treat after interviewing them back in May, and I knew I was in for a great night when Frankie pulled up beside me in the parking lot and rubbed his silver paint all over me. It was a great time.

  August 2017
ALBUM REVIEW - Hello Emerson "Above The Floorboards" 
After taking a mental health break in July (some things are more important than music, you'll understand) I came back to review a tremendous piece of musical craftsmanship from the band Hello Emerson. I'd say it's one of my top 5 favorite local records of the year so far.

An Album Release to Remember with Hello Emerson at Rumba Cafe - 8/25/17
Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly), the live show ended up being better than the album. I was of the intention of taking photographs, but with a 13 piece band on stage and with Rumba being packed to the point where I was smashed against the stage, I was tragically unable to capture any shots. However, I do believe my words did justice for the performance.

Soup to Nuts with Kristen Ford at Caribbean Jerks - 8/31/17  
My good friend Jules recommended Kristen, a current resident of Nashville, to me a few weeks before this show. I had seen her posters all over Caribbean Jerks (a bar next to my house) and I was thrilled to be able to cover her show. She herself ended up being a phenomenal person along with a tremendous musician.

 September 2017

That's all for now. Stay tuned and always keep your eyes on the page for more fresh content from myself, Rick, Susie, and the rest of our awesome staff!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Rise

I live!

So here's the 411. My friend Rick has been writing in the Columbus media scene for several years. He's been on 97.1 and Fox Sports Ohio, but he found that the outlet for sports media has been over-saturated to the point where it was almost impossible to make a big presence. 

However, he found that the Columbus music scene was full of untapped potential with not a lot of outlets to cover them. Late last year he began to brainstorm an idea - Music in Motion Columbus. He contacted another friend of mine and we got to talking about building a brand around the awesomeness that is our city and music.

There are a lot of bands who have blown up lately coming out of Columbus. Most notably, twenty one pilots have captivated the entire nation, earning a Grammy and a #1 album. Beartooth has been making waves in the hard music community along with other Ohio groups such as Red Sun Rising and Starset. The CCM scene has blown up as of late with groups like Graceful Closure, the Orphan the Poet, and of course the old guard of House of Heroes and Relient K. Not to mention people like The Black Keys, The National, and Walk The Moon blowing up the alternative side. 

Needless to say, there are a lot of big things happening musically in Ohio. A lot of it comes through Ohio, and we want to be there to cover it. Our mission statement is pretty straight forward: 
"We are striving to become Columbus’ voice on local music; bands and artists from around Ohio playing in Columbus, and national touring acts that visit our city. Our goal is to showcase the amazing amount of music coming from within the hidden gem that is Columbus, OH."

Right? It's good stuff. And just 5 months in, we've gotten phenomenal feedback from the community. We love what we're doing, but we feel like we can do more! I personally have been working 2 jobs alongside writing for MiM, but in the past two months I've challenged myself to reach out so my old contacts from the Jester Promotions days and I've excitedly been lining up weekly interviews to get the word out. 

It's been a lot of fun so far. And Jester One Music has not suffered at all, despite the absence of content here. 2017 has been an outstanding year for new music, and I'm excited to press forward with the yearly countdown, which is now in it's 9th year! Never did I think I'd have the personal dedication to keep it going quite like that, but I'm excited to continue to put it all together.

I'll have some content coming from this site in the next few months. MiM is currently working to grow in Columbus, but I have other groups that I want to get on board with outside of the capital city so that when we do decide to expand, we'll be right and ready to rock!

Anyways, check out the site. Rick has worked hard to get everything rolling and it'd mean a lot to me to get more support going for the project. 

Thanks everyone! Can't wait to get more content going here as well!


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Apologies to all. I've been working on a new music endeavor the past few months and haven't had a ton of time to update the usual J1M page. Last year I cut down my segments to a monthly "Stuck In My Head" feature, but right now I have something much bigger coming. Stay tuned - I'll have more details in the coming month or two.